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      質量管理 QUALITY

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      As Suzhou decoration, decoration Kunshan sector of the old enterprises, Jiugong Decoration Engineering in the construction process is the design of programme implementation, and the key is the entire decoration, for which the company has established a special construction quality management center, with more than a full field experience, coordination ability, the customer has a strong sense of responsibility of inspect manage, do every day at least to the site at a time, so each process is finished, the workers of self-examination, supervisory review, company owners acceptance acceptance please, do workers is higher than the standard, the requirements of the company is higher than the standard client.

      蘇州九工裝飾 (Suzhou JiuGong Decoration)
      地址:江蘇省蘇州市人民路420號南門商務樓 郵箱(E-mail):dxzs2003@163.com
      Address: No.420,the South Gate,People’s road Suzhou city
      昆山九工裝飾 (Kunshan JiuGong Decoration)
      地址:昆山市馬鞍山路龍城雅居18號樓17號 郵箱(E-mail):dxzs2003@163.com
      Address: Kunshan City, Ma On Shan Road dragon garden 18 Building No. 17