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      關于九工 ABOUT US

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      A good culture, do not need to use flowery language has been linked to mouth, nine decorative culture is so.

      We never have good customer service to a strong sense of responsibility of the writing on the wall, printed on paper to be recited, but nine of US workers have learned by heart into the blood.

      We never put all in the nine decoration engineering this platform to grow, have that desire, nagging in people’s ears, but we all the time in the as.

      We never external advertised nine decoration is how honest, trustworthy, but we are no matter external customers or internal staff in the silent heart to heart.

      We never put evergreen such words over and over again when the slogan to shout, in the tens of millions of enterprises average life span of only two years. We still more than ten years is not tired and momentum.

      We will continue with our honest, trustworthy in exchange for the customers of our feedback, the nine decoration engineering into let person to work happy glory, respectable platform.To make a long story short, we want to customer satisfaction, the staff happy, let a person feel warm, respected, this is our culture.

      蘇州九工裝飾 (Suzhou JiuGong Decoration)
      地址:江蘇省蘇州市人民路420號南門商務樓 郵箱(E-mail):dxzs2003@163.com
      Address: No.420,the South Gate,People’s road Suzhou city
      昆山九工裝飾 (Kunshan JiuGong Decoration)
      地址:昆山市馬鞍山路龍城雅居18號樓17號 郵箱(E-mail):dxzs2003@163.com
      Address: Kunshan City, Ma On Shan Road dragon garden 18 Building No. 17